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As developers of trading algorithms, we want to facilitate the access of this technology (so far available only to large capitals) to the small investor and saver by creating a platform where customers can subscribe to the algorithms we develop.


2019 : June

Birth of the idea and creation of the Whitepaper draft.

2019 : July

Creation of the company.
Web development.

2019 : November

Launch of the web.
Lingot Launch.

2019 : Diciembre

Primera revalorización del Lingot.

2020 : January

Start of platform development.
Development of new algorithms in different markets and assets.
Stress tests to previously developed algorithms.
Token listing in different exchanges.

2020 : June

Review of the first algorithms and first discards. The chosen ones go to phase 2.
Start-up in phase 1 of the new algorithms developed since January.


Repeat the development cycle and test algorithms.


Repeat the development cycle and test algorithms.


First tests of the algorithms already verified in the beta version of the platform.


Opening in beta mode of the platform.


Launch of the platform to the end customer.

Why choosing us?

Compared to other offers of existing trading algorithms, we guarantee the authorship and reliability of the algorithms that will appear on the platform, through verified and audited tests of each of them.
We start with the advantage that many of the algorithms are already developed and tested, so we now go to the demanding phase and stress tests of each of them to maximize their reliability.


After developing a system of exclusive tools and to guarantee maximum service quality, safety and reliability, access will be limited to a limited number of users, which will be expanded as the project evolves and we verify that the different strategies continue to have capacity. The objective is to establish a structured growth and not cover a number of users that hinder the operation.

Feasibility and business model

Viability is the nature of a common need, which in our case is access to advanced trading strategies for the small investor.
An intuitive graphic environment will allow both inexperienced and experienced users to use it without difficulty and with satisfactory results.
The limitation is a factor that we avoid, for that reason there are no restrictions or different types of subscriptions, giving all users the same tools and possibilities.
As an added value, we have added numerous direct contact channels (telegram, twitter, etc.) to be able to help all those users who are starting in the world of quantitative investments but have difficulties, so that we could cover a large number of potential investors attracting them and helping them get started. However, this help will consist of a support to the users to solve doubts and questions related to Linversio and its platform, not being able to be considered in any case legal or financial advice or advice by Linversio, and in any case exempting the responsibilities derived from the purpose for investors.

Need for financing

To finish developing the project with all the specifications and functionalities mentioned, Linversio needs more resources, mainly to increase the software development team.
Cryptocurrencies: the optimal financing vehicle
Among the different financing modalities mentioned, Linversio is interested in its business model and the project developed, crowdfunding platforms and IPO. The so-called ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) resemble these forms of financing. Thus, Linversio has chosen to finance itself through the launch of a cryptocurrency in the “PTO mode” (Public Token Offer).
Through the offer, Linversio will offer the acquisition of a utility token, that is, negotiable securities that will represent access rights to services or possibilities of using the Platform. However, Linversio intends that these tokens can be traded in the Blockchain ecosystem like any other asset, since their value could increase due to their high demand.
Linversio is aware that a large number of projects financed through this modality have failed, even some of them have turned out to be a fraud. Therefore, the technological development of the project aims to go hand in hand with the legal side..
Thus, Linversio has chosen Estonia as the first option to carry out the offer due to its policy of promoting technological projects within the framework of the European Union. In fact, it is world number one in Start-ups per capita. In this way, Linversio intends that, although the supervisory bodies are not responsible for the success or failure of the project, the mere fact of complying with such intense regulation can be a symptom that it is a committed and responsible project.

The token (Lingot)

Linversio believes that the best option to finance itself, and carry out the project, is to create a negotiable utility token that has its block annotation system in mind, being LINGOT the name of the Linversio token.

Lingot Features

Lingot is our utility token created under ERC20 technology from Ethereum, and will allow the token holder to access the use of algorithms on the platform.


The total supply will be 5,000,000 of issued tokens, with an initial value of 1,00 €.


Lingot Value

Throughout the development of the project, the value of the Lingots will vary depending on the success of the tests of the algorithms, the company will publish reports to facilitate the monitoring that will be audited periodically.



Ways to get Lingot.

The Lingot can be purchased in several exchanges or directly through our own website.

To acquire the tokens it will be necessary to enter the Linversio website, where you can find all the necessary information to proceed with the purchase of the Lingot. In this information you will find, among others, the steps to follow in the purchase process and the necessary legal information about the characteristics of the product.

In summary, to be able to buy Lingot, the user must register on the sales platform and fill in all the information requested. Next, the user will be able to choose the amount of Lingot he wants to acquire and will see the valuation in Fiat money (in euros) of his investment at the time of purchase.

The Lingot acquired by the user will be reflected in the user platform and may be sold at any time by the same means in which they can be purchased (user platform and exchanges).


Linversio is a platform that offers the possibility of operating simultaneously in multiple trading algorithms proven from the same graphic environment, providing multiple signals and statistical data to operate in the most efficient way possible, in addition to controlling the balance of its different portfolios.
Likewise, Linversio was born together with the creation of a token, the Lingot (ERC20) with several outstanding features, such as the possibility of making the payment for the use of the platform, thus making it a utility token.

If you have any personalized questions you can send an email to info@linversio.com
The easiest way to communicate with us is in our official telegram group.

No, the platform will have an access fee that will allow to subscribe the different algorithms offered. Linversio will allow access to the platform through payment in Lingots.

Payment will be accepted in cryptocurrency and, of course, Lingot.

We want to offer our users a high quality and easy-to-use product, so financing is an important part of the project. For this reason throwing a coin is the best way to obtain liquidity and thus allocate it to the completion of the development of the platform, expand the workforce in areas such as: programming, design, marketing, communications, etc ... In this way we accelerate the development of the project and we considerably shorten the terms in which the user can enjoy our product.

Any investor, small saver, family office, large investor, etc. can acquire the currency after registering on our website.

Yes, the minimum initial investment is the amount of Lingots equivalent to 500€. Successive purchases can be made for a minimum amount equivalent to 50€.

The speculative value of the Lingot token at launch date is € 1.00. (The value of the token after launch will be subject to supply and demand. However, Linversio will publish a Lingot price every month for which it undertakes to sell or buy it. This price may vary from the Lingot price in other exchanges..

Yes, you can purchase tokens with cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH and USDT).

The initial release of Lingots is 5,000,000.


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